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Commission Styles and Prices

These figures represent estimated prices for private commissions. Fees may change depending on the amount of detail involved.As a guide, commerical fees will be about 2x the rate shown. For commercial work and general inquiries not answered on this page, please email [email protected]

Stylised £180

Realism/Painterly £375

Tarot £460

Wildcard £410

AKA artist's choice: I decide everything about the piece based on your character description including art style, pose, composition, mood


Larger pieces, stylised or realism, with or without background. Prices start from £600 for half body pieces

Other Commission Types

The two categories below are almost always open! For these only, please DM or email me any time (@karrah_e, [email protected]) if you're interested:Personal Art Sponsorship - to support me working on a personal piece of original art - choose from the price points and styles aboveFan art - half the above prices. Commission fan art from a set list of fandoms I know and love - choose from styles above and one of the following fandoms:Critical Role
Dragon Age Inquisition
Stormlight Archive
Our Flag Means Death
House of the Dragon
Lord of the Rings
The First Law trilogy
The Mummy
Black Sails

How to Apply

• Join my Discord. When a commission spot opens and you'd like to apply, email me at [email protected]Include all relevant information in your email (If you are unsure what that might be, I've written a a quick guide on that below)• If your commission is accepted I will get back to you with a final quote and any further questions• Payment must be made via bank transfer (preferred) or PayPal. Full payment is required upfront before any work will begin• For Illustration pieces only: I will send you at least one WIP sketch to make sure the art is headed in the right direction• The process is not first come first served. Pieces are chosen based on how well I feel I can portray them and how much they inspire meThank you for reading!

What to Include in your Commission Application:Your local currency (so I can send the appropriate bank details)Commission Type
Character Name
Age (or the human equivalent for elves and elder races). Broad estimates are fine eg 20s, 30s
A concise summary of personality and desired expression. For me this is one of the most important things for deciding if and how to portray a character! A sentence or two is all that's needed. It's perfectly ok to ask for a neutral expression.
You can add a little backstory if it helps you frame the mood, but no big paragraphs of text please!
AppearanceSkin colour
Eye colour
Hair colour and style
Pose (only for bigger pieces and illustrations)
• These might include previous art you've commissioned, Pinterest images, screenshots of characters in-game, WoW dressing room links, or other art that inspired you (but don't ever use someone else's OC design as your own! It's a huge no-no to copy someone's character)
• Note anything that might be difficult to see in references, particularly scars• In-game lighting in screenshots can alter the colour of everything drastically between different locations. Give your artist references with neutral lighting, or provide colour swatches for each feature• Faceclaims are extremely useful. These are photos of real people who resemble your character. The final art won't be exactly like the reference but gives an invaluable stepping off point in knowing how you visualise your character• Don't worry if you have no art yet or can't find the perfect matching picture. A reference does not have to match every aspect of the character! You might provide one picture for hair, another for eyes, another for face shape, another for expression and so on.• If you have a particular scene in mind for an illustration, MS paint doodles are perfect to show what you had in mind for pose and composition• For accurate colours (eg for eyes or skin) you can use hex colour codes, Pantone swatches, even screenshot a nice colour you found in Google :DSending ReferencesOne of the best ways people have sent me refs is via Google drive or in Google docs. Put all the images in one character folder to make it easy to navigate and there's the option to add notes to any picture too. (Make sure to turn permissions on for viewing to save time, it lets me see the pictures without any delays. <3)

Terms and Conditions


Refunds are only available during the sketch stage and will be calculated at base price minus the cost of hours already workedThe exception is if I have to cancel the commission in which case you will receive a full refund


I retain the rights to all art that I produceI reserve the right to print and sell all my art pieces including personal and commissioned workArtwork will be published on social media as part of my portfolio (unless otherwise agreed beforehand)Artwork is for your personal use only, nothing commercial. You may not resell it, edit it, remove my signature, use it for merchandise or claim it as your ownNone of my artwork may be used or sold as NFTsWhenever you post and share my work you should give me appropriate creditI reserve the right to decline any application for a commission

Patreon/Ko-Fi and benefitsAll Patrons and Ko-Fi members get access to The Hermitage, a private chat channel in my Discord. It's a relaxed spot for wholesome chat, giveaways and polls (or just lurking)!Patreons and Ko-Fi members in the Sorcerer tier (£10) receive a surprise portrait of a character I design each month for use in TTRPGs.Alternatively if you donate £10+ on Ko-Fi I'll send you that month's portrait as soon as it's ready, no membership required.Once a month has ended that portrait goes up for sale in my Ko-Fi store - though it will always be cheaper to buy as a Sorcerer or via donation that month.Please be sure to read the terms of use there before you buy!